Jordan Auto Body & Collision Services

Jordan Auto Body specializes in repairing all collision(s), dents, dings and paint jobs required to get your car back in like-new condition.  Our expert estimators are trained in determining exactly what your vehicle needs to be repaired per manufacturer’s standards. Our Auto Body and Collision Repair’s follow a strict process that we measure and monitor to maintain the highest quality throughout the repair process.


Upon arrival to Jordan Auto Body, our estimator will examine your vehicle to determine what damages occurred during the accident.  This is our Initial Inspection Process. This process allows us to get detailed information about the damage to your vehicle and allows us to document the damages using a digital camera.

Our Tear-Down Process allows our body repair workers to remove parts of the car, where the damage occurred, to determine if further damage occurred that wasn’t visible during our Initial Inspection Process.  This process provides exceptional insight into any “unseen” damage to your vehicle.  This is a very critical part of our process.

Our Auto Body Repair Services are very detailed and highly accurate. There are a total of nine processes that your vehicle will go through at Jordan Auto Body before we deliver your vehicle.  Each process is monitored and measured by our Quality Assurance team to ensure that you receive the highest level of craftsmanship.


Our repair process is constantly monitored and checked to ensure that you are receiving the very highest level of service. When we find the need for improvement, through process analysis or customer response, we implement the change to ensure that we are exceeding our customer’s expectations.

As an environmentally conscious business, we use professional paint by a company called Lesonal.  Lesonal provided the additional training our painter required to ensure the highest level of professional paint for your vehicle. Our water-based paint system is environmentally safe and ensures consistent paint coverage.  You won’t be disappointed with our paint jobs – especially since our paint jobs are backed by a limited Lifetime Warranty.

Classroom time

Our ASE and I-CAR certified technicians and body repair personnel are constantly updating their skill set to provide you the very best in Collision and Auto Body Repair. Both the ASE certification and the I-CAR certification requires out technicians to spend weeks in a classroom and then into the lab for hands-on application of knowledge.  That’s why we can offer repairs on both foreign and domestic vehicles.  And our customer service representatives and management are all industry professionals with a total of over 50 years of professional experience.

Bring your car in for an estimate today. You won’t be disappointed at the price or the service. And we offer “pickup and drop off service” in our service areas.  And just for being a customer of Jordan Auto Body we will give you a free detailing of your vehicle both inside and outside.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Call us today at 773-395-8888 and ask about bringing your car in today.

Our professional vehicle painting and restoration services include:

  • All Types of Damage Repair
  • Paint Repair
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Professional Automotive Painting
  • Structural Repair
  • Frame Alignment
  • Paint Matching Service
  • Customer Focused Restoration



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